Been one of the most popular worldwide brand of power tools and hand tools for manufacturing, construction and woodworking industries DEWALT has kept on growing from the time it was founded back in 1924 by Raymond. E. In 1960 it was purchased by Black and Decker and in 1992 they started to rebrand it’s power tools as well as its professional quality. In 1994,DEWALT started managing the German wood working power tool and increased their line of tools through the technology of ELU.

It’s brand name belongs to the Black and Decker company and since then it’s aim has been to deliver professional workhorse solution tools, accessories and services. It has more than 300 power tools and equipment products including 800 power tool accessories. DEWALT can be found worldwide with over 1000 factories and it’s headquarters is based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

It’s authorized retailers include AceTool, Fastenal, Grainger, Amazon, ACME Tools, Grizzly industrial Inc,Factory Authorized Outlet, LOWE’S, HD supply and so on.

DEWALT has so many accessories and power tools which include drills, dust management grinders, fastening, polishers, shears and rubbers, rotary and demolition hammers, saws, sanders, specialty and many more.

DEWALT has been known for making so many unique products including an Android-powered smartphone which was designed to survive 12 meter drop on the hard ground and can withstand temperatures ranging from – 20c to 60c,a tool connect and crimp connect mobile application as well as the XP Tape measure which was designed to survive a 60 foot drop.

In 1994 it innovated a 14.4 volt cordless drill/driver andv53/8 cordless saw and it’s system of cordless included hammer drill, flashlight, saws, screwdrivers, impact drivers and impact wrench.

In 2005 it developed shocks active vibrator control which is designed to reduce vibration up to 50%.

In 2011, DEWALT expanded its lithium ion tools and produced 100 more products in drilling, holesaws, sockets and screwdriving.

DEWALT launched perform and protect line of products in 2012 which was designed to provide a high level of low vibration, control dust containment and so on.

The world’s first battery that changes voltage automatically when the user changes tools was launched in 2016 and this is commonly known as the FLEXVOLT.

DEWALT is know to repair without charge within 3 years from date of purchase as a result of defective materials or workmanship.

Note that the warranty does not apply if there is wrong voltage, use of incorrect grease, if the tool is not paired with DEWALT pairs, if wrong accessories or attachments are been used, if the exposure to the extreme weather conditions are prolonged, if the tools are used for applications which are non intended and so on.

With all the information I’ve listed above you are probably wondering why go for DEWALT AUTHORIZE instead of other brands, well it’s because DEWALT ensures that its users/customers are fully okay with their purchasing experience and it provides its users with impeccable services.

DEWALT also makes some of the most incredible mechanics tool sets you can find.

With DEWALT you’ll find there products to be of good quality and they last longer and it has ServiceNet which offers an easy order of parts you’d like to replace, track orders which show your order from the time you sent it to the time you receive it and the best part is there services are available 24/7 so you can make an order anytime and anywhere!

How the Bees Make Honey

It is believed that apart from man, the honeybee is the most efficient living organism in its work. In fact, nothing else can be compared to it in terms of efficiency, even the fiercest animal. The efficiency is made possible due to the good organization in the beehive, with each and every bee being assigned a special job in the honey making process. However, not many would be able to explain the real process for the hone making. This article explains how the bees make honey, from the nectar gathering to the final step.

To begin with, it is good for you to know that bees depend on two kinds of food only. The first food is the honey which they make from the nectar which they collect from flowers. The other food is derived from the pollen grains which they collect from the flower anthers. It is good to note that just as flowers are of various colors, the pollen grains also have different colors.
Now, let’s see what happens from the start of honey making process. When most bees go out to look for flowers, they usually gather nectar and pollen. The bee has a special stomach where she stores the nectar after sucking it from the flowers. It is from this stomach that the nectar is taken to the hive to be made into honey by the honey-making bees. But the bee may be hungry and if so, there is a valve found in her nectar sac which she opens to let some nectar to pass into her stomach where it is converted into energy to enable her to survive.
But it is sometimes puzzling how the bee is able to fly with nectar or pollen whose weight is almost equal to that of her own. This shows how marvelous flying insect the bee is. Even the most advanced aircraft can only fly carrying a load whose weight is only a quarter that of its own. The bee remaining airborne bearing all that load is just like a miracle.
The bee only returns to the hive after filling her nectar sacs. One of the indoor bees receives the nectar and then passes it through the mouth to mouth process and before it begins being converted into honey, its moisture content will have dropped from 70% to 20%. This dropping of moisture content makes the nectar be changed into honey. However, the nectar may be stored into the cells even before the mouth to mouth passing on process due to the high rate of evaporation, considering the high temperature of 32.5 degrees found in the hive.
The final process is when the honey is stored in cells and the bee wax is used to cap it in preparation for the hatching of newborn baby bees. The bee bread is made by mixing nectar with pollen which is later fed to the larvae. For the bee community to flourish, the baby bee must be fed with food rich in protein.
The bee then returns to the flower to collect more pollen and nectar, bring it to the hive and going back for more.